No Suicide

I met my friend for the last time. I waited & waited for so long but I didn’t see him again. This was the most horrific thing happened to me till date.

Raj and I were great friends. I met him in college and from then we were like chimp and dale. Today he left me & went in another world which no one has ever seen.

But Y???

Question still arises in my mind?

We came to know he had a bad relationship with a girl. She broke with him & he was not able to control. He hanged himself from roof top. Today he left his parents alone unanswered to many questions. He was the only child they have. They are now shattered and no one to care about them. He loved his mom so much but why he didn’t care then. Is 3 years of love with your GF | BF more than 25 years of love for your parents?

I also came across the news that two students committed suicide due to pressure of studies. Sometimes it is of family pressure, sometimes work pressure. But one question, Is this pressure more prestigious than your life? Why can’t you understand that pressures of breakup, work, money, family etc are only for short duration. After that duration, you will realize thank god you didn’t do anything wrong which might have landed your dear ones in trauma.

Prove this world that you are not coward & you are not running away from your problems. Face it & kill it. If no one cares for you then you start caring for yourself ! Don’t give a shit to anyone who can’t understand you.



The only reason for committing suicide is stress & pressure. You can always deal with stress by communicating with friends, parents or someone close to you. If they can’t solve your problem then talk to yourself are your pressure more than your life. What will happen after suicide? What will happen to your dreams, your parents, your loved once.

Remember your best time in life & imagine will you be able to enjoy that moment again. The person or the problem that is making you stressful or giving you unnecessary tension just kick their ass off. Remember it’s your life & only yours, No one in this world can snatch it from you. There are always solutions to the problem; just you have to give some time to yourself.

Time heals everything & Remember your best time & Wish to live your best moment again & Don’t give a damn to the problems.

Be chill & Live life happily! [ Biggest gift of God ]