Engineer Before and After !


I got admission in engineering college with IT branch. I was on top of the cloud but who knows what will come next. I shifted myself in hostel, got worried about ragging. First day in hostel saw mom-dad leaving me, felt sad. Later realized this is the time I have to grow up & become something in life [That something I didn’t find till now].All first year students [Fresher’s] were given same floor to live so I was bit relax that I am not alone [There are more kicked ass like me].Fortunately seniors were cool, just asked us our names & sing one song. At night we all sat together and started typical boys talk. Finally morning came for my first day in Engineering College, excited-nervous so much things going in mind.

In first year we all have common subjects so in my class we were Comps, IT, Electronics & Mechanical students. New to engineering and never understood why we have to study this subject that subject but slowly realized welcome to Engineering. First year of exams arrived & everyone had minimum one backlock[one subject fail ]. I was much tensed because in my life never had failed remark on my card. How my parents will react, what they will think? My seniors were cool, enjoying life & at then I got a chance to ask them how to study and all. They said that after first year everything it is easy because after that you become habitual of taking pressure [i: e Pass or Fail]. As the years passed on I finally realized that they were right; with tension you will make it more complicated. Just flow with the pace & don’t lose focus of clearing engineering in four golden years.

Finally I became engineer & looked back “No teacher teaches you” were the correct phrase, only self study. Practical marks can give edge over other students & increase your percentage because in theoretical exams examiners checks as if he has to go his own marriage and he is getting late. I made few good friends who are now in various reputed companies & busy in their lives. “School friends are forever ” phrase is also true because college friends come with only some purpose get away with great packages in various companies. I still hangout with my school buddies & discuss how life was | is but come with no point & then at last we laugh after giving our own philosophies.”Life is not what we think, Life is what we make” is true phrase because in first year when I got backlock I thought of quitting engineering like few other students but I thought if I will choose  another stream their also if same situation happens then? I got my answer & today I am engineer working successfully.

To be continued…