Love? It’s always different for different people. It has no age no religion only Love.

Love for your Family, Friends, Girlfriend, Boyfriend. In this article I will talk about GF’s & BF’s love.

When we fall in love actually we should rise in love because it gives support to stand strong in any situation of life. My friend was in love when he was in 11th standard of his high school. His girlfriend was in 12th.Love has no age to start today I understand but I also understood that was not permanent love. She came in his life & affected him so much that he was about to fail in his 12th final exams. Today she is with another boy friend, imagine if he had not understood before that it’s not permanent love then today he might not be successful. You should love but never ever give her that much priority that you lose your track of achieving your dreams. I would say love her like crazy because its right phrases “Love is not LOVE until its crazy”. I am not saying girls are wrong or boys are right it’s just you always have to keep your another track on right path no matter what happens, she leaves or not.


Always love the person so intensely that you may never regret if I could have done this or that for her. Just do it whatever comes in your mind something crazy for her. Make her feel special that’s what girls like. One suggestion for all boys/girls “Enjoy Love but keep your other priority on parallel road”. Either [Love & other priority] of the priority should not cross link each other. I bet you if you have this thing clear in your mind you will touch the sky of your dreams.

Why most relations fail not because your love is over it’s only because you’re affected by your other priority like job, education, expectations etc.  Never think about the relation who has ruined you think about new one who will change your world & understand you. It’s the correct phrase “Someone Somewhere is made for You” so just keep going.

If you are ditched once & you think all boys/girls are same then you are in wrong set of mind. It was time which was wrong & your priorities which were effecting.

Love your partner like hell; Live your life according to your dreams; Life is for once.

Dream Big & Achieve !

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After successfully depicting my Engineering life to all the wonderful people, here comes in other words of “inspiration”.

You always love hanging out & try to postpone the things which you fear of doing but the fact is, it will never leave you. It’s the correct phrase “World is too small but life is too long” so face your fear. I also had a fear of how will I solve my math’s problem, how will I call that person whom I don’t know but eventually I overtook my fear & said “hey listen what’s the most disaster that can happen”. Today I am fearless & I have big dreams to achieve. Just listen to your brains [I will not say heart] & do it. Don’t worry about the end results. Just complete the task which you initiated; at the end you will always win. No work done by you is wasted, NEVER! It will somehow pay you in the end, either you will not achieve of what you thought at the first place but mind it you will have the result that I can guarantee you. Now, with this result what you do is up to you either sit & leave everything [never repeat it] & lose all your hope of anytime in life dreaming big & initiating anything or get the analytics done [how to achieve more].

What’s the most beautiful thing in life? It’s Life which you get only once. So be fearless have faith in divine not being superstitious about everything. You live only once & can achieve all what you think only once. Opportunity knocks the door once & what you have now is more than enough to complete your dreams. Excuses, reasons are only for losers who laugh on others to let them down. It’s the correct phrase “When I can’t do don’t let anyone else do” but excuse me I am not just any other guy next door. I am who I am & I can tear apart everything which comes between my dreams. Just don’t think too much, you will end up screwing your beautiful ideas which could have made big today. Just do it.


Try Try Try until you succeed may be wrong in today’s fast pacing world. Try Try & learn | Analyze | ACHIEVE IT!

See you all beautiful people in next Article, Till then sit back & ENJOY.